University Archive

I graduated from Media Design School, NZ, with a Bachelor of Media Design, majoring in web design and development. Below is a selection of projects that I designed in my first and second years of study.


2020 — 2022
Media Design School

We Oscillate

Brief: Use interactive design skills to create a social or commercial enterprise, then create an identity and website for it.

Outcome: Libraries are an important feature of thriving societies. I created a website, We Oscillate, for a community-based service where people can hire out and rent synthesizers. The world of vintage synths has its own strong visual language, so the identity needed to sit comfortably within this world while still providing a fulfilling user experience.


A series of posters for a proposed interactive exhibition at the Auckland Arts Festival. The exhibition focused on Popoto, New Zealand native dolphins, of which only 55 remain.

Noise Island

Brief: Photograph people within a community, create a publication featuring these photos, and then print and bind the publication.

Outcome: Noise Island is a publication that includes photographs and interviews with Auckland-based musicians. The photographs were taken in the musicians' homes, where they write and record their music. For the cover, I wanted to show the subjects in an abstract way that reflects their craft. This took shape in the form of a fuzzy white circle that represents the noisy islands Aotearoa, from which we come.

The Kale Co-op

Brief: Identify a problem we encounter in our day-to-day lives and create a startup to help solve the problem. Develop a visual identity, create a website for the startup, and produce an accompanying explainer video.

Outcome: The Kale Co-op is a collection of community gardens where people can go and dispose of their household compost. In return, they can take home fresh produce grown in the community gardens. The brand is community-driven and targets a wide demographic, so it required a simple but playful identity which is welcoming to a variety of people.


I enjoy making Lo-fi GIFs. This one was for a faux music festival project I named Moon-age.